Foundry9, a LiquidHub Company

Foundry9 is a full-service marketing and advertising company that specializes in banking. Foundry9 was acquired by LiquidHub in 2014, allowing both companies to gain entry into new markets. I started at Foundry9's Wilmington office in May 2013. I worked with clients including Chase Bank, Lincoln Financial Group, and Sazerac. Established in 2004, Foundry9 now has offices in New York City, Wilmington, DE, and Los Angeles, CA. Foundry9 creates dynamic websites, emails, billboards, print ads, and other deliverables that exceed client expectations and help them reach their marketing goals. My role as a quality assurance proofreader was to ensure that all the copy contained in Foundry9 creations was error-free and well-crafted. If we received copy directly from the client, I confirmed that we used the correct copy and pointed out any errors. 

I participated in group projects on a daily basis. I worked with team members including project managers, creative directors, designers, and other quality assurance testers to make sure our products were to a high standard and met client requirements. I also reviewed projects overall in terms of design and made suggestions to improve appearance or follow client direction.

In my time at Foundry9, I also learned about website usability. I now have experience in multi-browser, ADA, and regression testing. I am comfortable using virtual machines and multiple devices (such as tablets and smartphones) to complete testing. My detail-oriented and careful review of deliverables revealed potential issues and ensured they were resolved before reaching the client. I provided final sign-off that Foundry9 creations were ready to go to the client and into production.

I worked at Foundry9 until September 2015, when I left to get married and seek a position more in line with my career goals. Please contact me to see samples of my work at Foundry9.