Extracurricular Projects

DEconstruction Magazine Layout Guide

During my senior year of college, I served as the co-editor-in-chief of DEconstruction Magazine, a completely student-run publication on campus. In this position my primary responsibilities included running weekly group meetings, helping writers come up with story ideas, coordinating the editing and layout process, and putting together all of the different layouts on Adobe InDesign CS5. I also created the first layout guide that walks members through the layout design process step-by-step. 

"The Pecking Order"

This is a short story I wrote in the style of William Faulkner. It was published in the University of Delaware's student literary magazine, Caesura in spring 2010. My piece won the Thomas W. Molyneux Prose Award.

"Transition Period"

This is a poem I wrote that was published in the spring 2011 issue of the Main Street Journal.